Notes on my artwork

The phenomenal world we live in is connected in a complexity of elements. These elements are reflecting structures, visible but also invisible structures. The link of structuralism with art has been of great importance in my work. I’m focussing on the broken dimension of structures - in analytical geometry it is called the fractal. This fractal reflects in my opinion a field of transition between the ordinary perceptible structures and the boundaries of space we encounter in the perceived reality. This abstract fact offers in my artwork the possibilities to break through the illusionary casualness of visualized images and to search for the opposites of the unambiguous, with no other reason then to reach for a new energy of images.

In this process photography takes a vital role in my paintings. Photographs are anticipating on the final results of the canvas. They show the power of fragments and they inspire me to set up forms of fragmentations, which are defining the frames of our perception. That’s why I sometimes use shaped canvas. My artwork always shows fragmented architectural images, which can be read separately, although they belong to an organic unity.

My artwork is based upon a creative ideology: the concentration on scope. In technical way one can define scope as the modus operandi in which for instance order and random, superficial and deep, distant and close, high and low relate to each other. In the views of scope we can see how internal dimensions are mixing their differences and further more over bridging their distances. Concentrating on the complex picture-grammar of scope I have found a way to bring cities such as Krakow, Amsterdam, New York, Chicago and Dallas together. The eye travels from one city to another without arrival and departure times.


Internal Affair 2001 The Hague oil acrylic on canvas 160x160 cm.
Collection: Historisch Museum Den Haag.

Our eyes have learned to move with the speed of Internet, implicit connections are easily accepted. This is the spark of beauty.

All painted fragments of city landscapes have the same impact: the buildings force their own structure upon us. They order space. They create the illusion of a transparent and coherent world where we can communicate and work comfortably and efficiently. I do not see any forceful obstruction of architecture in our natural environments. I consider the city landscapes I paint as biotopes. Buildings are great friends. They embrace our existence.