Born in Krakow, living and working in Amsterdam since 1982.

e  d  u  c  a  t  i  o  n

Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland, interior design, graduated 1981.
Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands, painting graduated 1991.
Teachers Training for Fine Artists (LOKV),
Utrecht & Amsterdam, Netherlands, graduated 1995.

w  o  r  k

since 1995 working as teacher drawing & painting in De Meerse/Pier-K. Centre for Art and Culture, Hoofddorp.

e  x  h  i  b  i  t  i  o  n  s

Meeting Lutoslawski, Felix Meritis - European Centre for Arts, Culture and Science, Amsterdam, multimedia project
Polish Cosmos, Gallery Dom Polonii, Cracow, group show
Dutch Scenes - Arti et Amicitae at Salmagundi, New York, group show
I dwell, I exist, Pools Huis, solo show
Winter Expositie,K+A Gallery, Leiden, group show
Salon 2010 Artsociety Arti et Amicitia, Amsterdam, group show
10 Years of EM Gallery, Drachten, group show
Seasons Galleries, The Hague, solo show
7th Triennial of Sacrum Art, “Home - the way of existence”
The City Art Gallery, Czestochowa, Poland, group show
Salon 2009 Artsociety Arti et Amicitia, Amsterdam, group show
K+A Gallery, Leiden, solo show
Seasons Gallery, The Hague, group show
Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam, solo show
Wilhelmina Winkel, Amsterdam, solo show
Artsociety Arti et Amicitia, Amsterdam, group show
Het Cleyne Huys Gallery, The Hague, solo show
EM Gallery, Kolum, solo show
Het Cleyne Huys Gallery, The Hague, group show
Biotopes, Gallery Borne, solo show
Art-Fair Kunst-Rai Amsterdam, (Schröder Gallery) group show
Group show exhibition: Netherlands Contemporary Art Exhibit, Houston, group show
Continuum Of Connections, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, solo  show
Hofijver in Poetry & Images, Dutch/Belgian manifestation, The Hague, group show
Architecture in church, Culturele Kring Wieringen, group show
Arka Gallery, Amsterdam, group show
Amsterdam Photo 2002, Photography and painting: Architectural Inspiration, Arka Gallery, Amsterdam, duo show
Art Fair: Art Rotterdam, (Schröder Gallery) group show
Art Fair: Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam, (Schröder Gallery) group show
Untitled, The Society For Arts, Chicago, group show
Urban Landscapes, Municipal Centre, Plano and Plano Centre, Texas, solo show
Touching Boundaries, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, group show
The City Landscapes. The Society for Arts, Chicago, solo show
Untitled, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, solo show
Wo(man) where are you now? Gallery La Pommerie Saint-Setier, France, group show
Art Teatchers of De Meerse, Centre for Art and Culture, Gallery De Meerse, group show
Art Fair Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam (Schröder Gallery) group show
Sources, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, solo show
Haarlemmermeres Council Art Acquisitions 1998, Gallery De Meerse, group show
Summer exhibition, P/A Gallery, Amsterdam, group show
Metamorphoses, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, group show
Haarlemmermeres Council Art Acquisitions 1996, Gallery De Meerse, Hoofddorp, group show
My God, Schröder Gallery, The Hague, group show
Repetition-On Small Scale, Schröder Gallery The Hague, group show.
40 x 40 x40 (x 100), Schröder Gallery, The Hague, group show
Manifestation: Apropos-portrait, De Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, group show
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, group show

p  u  b  l  i  c  a  t  i  o  n  s
m  e  d  i  a  c  o  v  e  r  a  g  e

  • Catalogus 7th Triennial of Sacrum Art, “Home - the way of existence”. Czestochowa 2009
  • Gallery Reviews by Donna Tennant: 'Atelier d'Arts Originale', Arts Houston, 2003
  • Catalogus Internationale Fotobiënnale Amsterdam, Haarlem en Amstelveen 2002
  • Catalogus 'Hofvijver in Poëzie & Beeld' 2002
  • 'De stad als Landschap', Dagblad Tubantia
  • Coverage in National Dutch television art-programme AVRO, 1998-2003
  • Review by J. Polanski: 'Magda Jesionek: Urban Landscapes', American Magazine Art-Scope. read here
  • 'Verwondering over de werkelijkheid van Jesionek' Haagsche Courant

g  r  a  n  t

Fonds voor Beeldende kunst Vormgeving en Bouwkunst (Fund for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture) Amsterdam, 2001- 2003.

a  c  q  u  i  s  i  t  i  o  n  s

Council Haarlemmermeer, 1996 and 1998
Historical Museum of The Hague. 2002
private collections (binnen- en buitenland)

p  h  o  t  o  g  r  a  p  h  s
a  k  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  m  e  n  t  s

I would like to thank following oganizations for supplying reproductions of my work: Stichting Hofvijver in Beeld & Poezie: Internal Affair; Schröder Stichting: Synthesis of the Ambiguous, Evidence Of Balance, Exchanging Glances, Sources, Now You're Talking.

The photographs of my following paintings were taken by: Ernest Korsak: Icon, Ménage a Troi or Powerlessness, There Is Some Truth In That, Regarding the View, Waiting For Godot, Fatamorgana of Forbidden City, Quattrocento, Canyon, Mind Entrance. Zbigniew Kosc: Stach, Koen, Irith, Irma, Tet Lagemaat: Tet, Hilde, Julio, Stach, Wlodek - multiplied I II III, Gosip, Reference Rembrandt, A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (drawing), A la Recherché du Temps Perdu (drawing, painting), Fractal-Fossil XX century I,II,III Wlodzimierz Liszka: Check Point, At The Parting Of The Ways, Building Castles in the Sky III,IV, Between the Lines, Continuum of Connections, One Is Two at Least, Enter/Exit I,II, The Furniture of Heaven and Earth I,II, Greetings from Cracow - A Piece of Heaven, In Between - Homage to Magritte, When Outside Goes Inside There's Traveling Light, Passepartout IV- The Abduction, Serene Silence, Silent Pain, Garage, The Other Side, Untouchable, East West - East West The World Is Round.

The remaining photographs were taken by myself.

I want to thank Zbigniew Kosc for his inspiring work in creating and maintaining this website until 2007.
My special thanks go to Jan Hontscharenko - the moderator of my website until 2009.
Thanks to Marta and Michiel van der Haagen ( for the make over and automatisation of this site 2011.