1999...... 20 ENTER EXIT
1998...... 17 PAULINA & DALMITIONS 18 Mind Entrance 19 E W E W
1997...... 14 Charlote1 15 Fatamorgana 16 Quattrocento
1996...... 09 ICONE 10 plaksheet 11 Het is wel waar 12 Uit zicht 13 Wachtend op Godot
1994...... 06 FRACTAL 1 07 FRACTAL 2 08 FRACTAL 3
1992...... 03 WLODEK x4
1991...... 01 JUDYT 02 JULIO
This archive shows the development of my practice - the synthesis of my earliest studies in interior design in Poland with my later Dutch art education and how that is reflected in my work today.

In 1991 I graduated from the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. At that time I was working in an impressionistic style, painting models and portraits, while I figured out my point of view on life and art. I wanted to talk about the human being but a direct relationship with the model became too limited.

I therefore turned to another source of inspiration - my old fascination with structures. In 1994 I discovered the fractal, which then generated my serial approach to working, using the repetition of motifs both in my architectural paintings and in my portraits. The red folded paper objects were a turning point in this development, when architecture became my dominant theme.

As I painted architecture more my style became more realistic which enabled me to play with illusionistic space and emphasize the ambiguity of the image.