Architecture is my major all-embracing theme. Regarded within social and historical context architecture itself, ancient or utmost modern, reflects not only abstract ideas and principles of design, but also indicates the vulnerability of the human condition.

Photography is so to speak the equivalent of my sketchbook. With kind of snapshots I am exploring fragments of reality. Photographic fragmentation itself often defines the forms of my canvasses; it enables a serial way of working.

I once had the experience of bliss when I found a very special technique of preparing the canvas. In each painting some parts of the canvas are left unprimed, purposefully revealing the texture and color of the linen canvas. This creates an edge or relief between different levels throughout the image. This process is deeply embedded in each image and has become an additional force of my creative spectrum.



when outside


When Outside Goes Inside There Is Traveling Light
2000 Mississauga oil acrylic on canvas 180 x 180 cm